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To develop Batswana to provide an avenue which can support the growth & demand requirements within the Botswana Mining & Drilling Industry. 

Our Vision

  • To support our Mission Statement – GTDS is to establish the African Mining Drilling Institute (AMDI) in Botswana;

  • To have GTDS & AMDI recognized throughout Africa as leaders in our field of expertise to which all persons requiring training will attend training at the AMDI in Botswana;

  • To work with and assist relevant Botswana Authorities / Bodies in establishing Mining & Drilling Standards for Botswana;

  • To not only enhance and develop skills of existing personnel within the Botswana Mining & Drilling Industry, but also provide an avenue for non-experienced Batswana to have an opportunity to enter into the industries;

  • To establish an international recognized culture of excellence from students completing the training with GTDS & AMDI;

  • To provide our services throughout Africa using Botswana as the foundation of our services via the AMDI.


Our Goals

  • To have a healthy, successful company that is a leader in customer service and that has a loyal customer following.

  • To become a leader in the market to which we operate;

  • All service provisions of GTDS not only supported by formal certification and accreditations but also by our clients;

  • Attain a preferred supplier status with all clientele supporting a relationship which benefits all parties on a long term basis;

  • The service provisions of GTDS are recognised and respected on an international basis;


Our Values

  • Safety is always the Priority

  • Culture of Excellence and Continual Improvement

  • Integrity, Respect & Responsible Behaviour

  • Client Commitment & Partnership

  • Fulfilment & Advancement of our People


There are 4 main initial objectives:

  • Overall GTDS primary objective is to provide an avenue to support the demand requirements in the Botswana Drilling Industry via provision of structured and proven development programs to address but not be limited to:

  • Provide an avenue for Batswana from local communities and townships and for non-experienced persons to enter the Drilling Industry at a base level - Lv1 Utility Worker;

  • Provide an avenue to cross skill production drill operators to become exploration drill operators;

  • Provide experienced Trainers and Mentors to assist existing Drill Rig Operators on the job;

  • Provide formal certification in Drilling & Mining in alignment with Australian Standards & Qualifications framework;